Adventure 1 in Ferringlass

Players left the Ku Nim mountains from the city of Haranshire and are heading towards Gilsent the capital and largest city of the region with water dwelling creatures.

As we get to the Lorilline River we realize that the bridge is down. We decide to head to the southwest and are following tracks of various bipedal creatures. We arrive to a cave and inside the cave we find a sleeping bear and outside a group of goblins pass by with a captive gnome. After defeating the goblins and soothing the bear we learn from the Gnome that their are goblins collecting flowers that are valuable to the gnomes.

We follow the gnome captive to his home and encounter a group of goblins in the trees. After defeating the goblins we head to the gnomes home and while climbing a hill gravity is reversed as we enter the magical home of the gnomes. The gnomes explain that they have an alliance with a Tiefling Warlock named Lucious who has gone missing for 2 years now. They ask us to find out what happened to him and suggest we go to his home up north along the river past the fallen bridge.

We arrive to his home against the ledge and battle some goblins and other creatures on the outside. We head inside and find more goblins collecting flowers of a different variety on the floor and we also find the leader of this operation who runs through a door on a balcony once the encounter begins. After the encounter we head deeper into Lucious’s layer.

We find a magical door with a horn and an ear on it. We speak Lucious’s pet’s name and the door opens revealing Lucious’s bedroom. We find some magical items and a note from Lucious detailing that he found an entrance in his layer to the Underdark and has decided to explore the Underdark to become a stronger warlock. In his note he also says not to come after him and that he will probably never return.

We venture deeper into his layer and find lots of gnomes who have been transformed and turned evil from being forced to drink a potion being made using the flowers of the gnomes home by the evil leader. We destroy these evil gnomes and find the recipe for 2 potions (Shadowspawn Fey and Shadowspawn Gateway).

We venture deeper into his layer and arrive to a lake and are attacked by flying squid like creatures and see the evil leader on the boat with 2 panthers and another gnome who is being transformed. The boat traverses the lake and the evil leader throws down the Shadowspawn Gateway potion into the lake and a deep dark mist covers the lake and the boat disappears.

After killing the squid like creatures we begin to swim through the dark mist for a long time and arrive in the home of the evil leader in the ShadowFell realm. We climb up his tall tower being pummeled by magical attacks and eventually reach the top and slay the evil leader and his minions. We then get on the boat and throw a ShadowSpawn Gateway potion in the river and row back into the realm of Ferringlass.

We return to the gnome’s magical home and tell their leaders what has happened to Lucious and that we have ended the threat to their home and community.

At this point we have the option of venturing in Ferringlass, following Lucious into the Underdark or exploring the ShadowFell realm of the evil leader.


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